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May 1999


With just three weeks to go until his temporary promotion becomes permanent, Acting Detective Inspector Tony Dillon receives a tip off from a well placed informant who claims a psychotic contract killer called Goliath has been hired by North London gangster, Conrad Livingstone, to execute an Albanian crime boss who has offended him.


The hit is due to go down that night at an unknown location, leaving Dillon with precious little time to organise the specialist support necessary to deal with such a dangerous adversary. 


In another part of London, DCI Jack Tyler's team of homicide detectives are in the frame to take on a new job, and they don’t have long to wait.


When four racketeers are ruthlessly gunned down outside a quiet little café in North London during their debt collection round, Tyler quickly realises that the area is on the brink of a gangland feud that will see the body count rise rapidly unless he can put a stop to it.

As the dust settles, it becomes apparent that the two investigations are inexorably linked. Joining forces, Tyler and Dillon find themselves locked in a race against time to bring the killers to justice and prevent an all out turf war from erupting between three rival London gangs all vying for rights to the same disputed territory.



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