For those of you who don't know me, I thought I'd start off with a brief introduction.

I joined the Metropolitan Police Service in the mid-eighties and retired in 2015. My career included two stints on homicide, and during that time I was fortunate enough to work with some amazingly gifted detectives on a number of very challenging, high profile cases.

I live in Essex with my wife, Clare. We have two grown up children and one grandchild. Between us, the family has two English Bull Terriers and a very bossy Dachshund called Weenie!

I'm a lifelong Arsenal fan - well, I never said I was perfect - and an avid skier. I also enjoy reading, going to the theatre, lifting weights and kick-boxing, a sport I got into during my misbegotten youth!

I published my first crime thriller, 'Jack's Back', in December 2018, and I'm now working on books two and three in the DCI Jack Tyler series.

Believe it or not, I first started writing 'Jack's Back' in 1999, which is when the story is set. However, constantly having to work extended shifts doesn't help one's creative juices to flow, and I eventually decided to postpone the novel until I retired.

When people ask me why I started writing I usually tell them - tongue in cheek - that I got the idea from all the defence barristers who used to accuse me of making up stories when I was giving evidence!