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A belated Happy New Year to you all!

Let's hope that 2021 is considerably better than its predecessor! With the new Covid variant running rampage, we don't seem to have gotten off to the best of starts, so we?

What a difference a year makes! It's sobering to think that, this time last year, I was skiing with my family on the sun kissed slopes of France. At the moment, I can't even visit them, let alone go on holiday with them!

Let's hope that the various vaccines do exactly what it says on the tin, and that they're rolled out quickly so that we can return to something resembling normality!

On a more positive note, I'm currently 71,000 words into the fourth book in the DCI Tyler Thriller series, and I'm also toying with various ideas for book five, which is gradually starting to take shape in my head. If everything goes according to plan, book four should be coming out around Easter time. Hopefully, by then, the infection rate will be under control and we will be starting to really see the benefit of the vaccines.

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