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November 2001.


It’s bonfire night, and Gabe Warren, a fourteen year old runaway from Bristol has just arrived at London’s Victoria coach station. He is homeless, penniless and friendless, which makes him ripe for the plucking.

Joey McQueen is a member of a predatory paedophile gang known as a wolfpack. His job is to exploit the vulnerable waifs and stray who flock to London in search of a better life. He spots Gabe the moment he steps off the coach, and sets out to recruit him.

When Gabe accepts the offer of a hot meal and a place to sleep for a few nights, he is unaware that he is about to set foot along a dark and twisted path that will lead to murder.

That same night, two young boys are snatched from a busy fairground in Chingford. 

DCI Jack Tyler is tasked with leading the hunt to find the boys, but he knows that time is against him. If they were taken by a paedophile, as seems increasingly likely, the chances of them being found alive diminishes with every passing minute...


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